• PaveCrete Stamped Concrete

    PaveCrete Stamped Concrete

A Paving Solution
For All

At the core of this cast-in-situ paving solution is a monolithic, structurally reinforced concrete slab that is colored, treated, and textured on-site to produce an infinite variety of colors and textures in the shape of natural stone, cobble, slate, timber and tile, and that is suitable for all sorts of environments and uses including pool decks, heavy commercial, public sidewalks, theme parks, and even driveways.  

No Compromises,
Get What You Want

Why by restrained by the availability of natural materials? With Creative Concrete’s offering of 48 standard colors and dozens of unique textures to choose from, there is sure to be an option to fit any taste and desire. Set your home or project apart from others with a beautiful and customizable paving anywhere concrete can be poured no matter what. Want a timber decking around your pool at a reasonable cost where there are no trees? You got it, Creative Concrete has several wood grain textures to choose from.

Do It Once,
Do It For Good!

Because PaveCrete Stamped Concrete utilizes a reinforced concrete slab, it is actually load-bearing paving that takes point loads and distributes them across the slab, thereby able to carry heavy vehicular traffic without experiencing structural failures, deformations, or settlement over time. Concrete’s performance is further enhanced by surface treating the concrete with PaveCrete 200 Color Hardener, producing a surface that is three times more abrasive resistant than regular untreated concrete. And with Creative Concrete’s wide selection of protective sealers, you have beautiful, low-maintenance paving for many years to come, essentially for the theoretical service life of the concrete.


Beauty To Last

You’d be surprised how quickly regular traffic can abrade the surface of concrete, that’s why Creative Concrete recommends always treating the surface of the concrete with PaveCrete 200 Color Hardener, boosting the abrasion resistance of concrete by three folds thanks to its rich quartz aggregates content. And with Creative Concrete’s wide selection of high-performance sealers, a deep-penetrating film on the surface of the concrete brings out the colors and renders the concrete impermeable to chemical attack from household chemicals and engine oil.

concrete Sample by Creative Concrete Pavers

Unparalleled Structural Integrity

No building medium is stronger or more coherent than concrete, therefore you can say goodbye to annoying settlements and dangerous trip hazards that are so common with unit pavers. And concrete’s coherence means no more unsightly weeds growing or insects creeping through the joints between pavers.

How It's Done

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System Details

System Details

Creative Concrete has two solutions to fit any need or circumstance. The PaveCrete system uses integral and/or surface coloring to treat a freshly-cast concrete slab on site and produce a stamped concrete paving. But if you’ve got an existing concrete slab, no need to take it out. You can save cost, time and inconvenience by renovating and topping it with Creative Concrete’s TopCrete 601 system, which can be installed from featheredge to 20 mm thickness and produce a tough and durable stamped concrete surface.

PaveCrete Stamped Concrete

TopCrete Stampable Overlay

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Pattern Selection

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